DeFi City IDO Recap

DeFi City is a virtual world that gamifies yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize, manage their farms, and track key performance indicators using a visually appealing in-game dashboard.

DeFi City IDO launch on 16 July 2021 was conducted on Poolz and Duckstarter to give our community an equal opportunity to participate.

Before the IDO, both the platforms had whitelisting criteria, and the whitelisted candidates were shortly announced before the IDO launch.

At 2 pm UTC on 16 July 2021, our IDO began, and to our surprise, it was fully subscribed in under 25 minutes despite the bear market conditions that prevailed. We thank every investor for their trust in our project and our team.

As you know, DeFiCity had already concluded three rounds of sale before the IDO, i.e., Strategic Round, Private Sale & Pre-sale round. A special HODL incentive was offered to the early investors wherein they would get additional tokens in airdrop for up to 1 year. A Daily Vesting Schedule for the DeFi City $DFC token was also implemented for early investors. For more details on Vesting, read our article here.

Shortly after the successful IDO at 4 pm UTC, DeFi City $DFC tokens were listed on Pancakeswap. We were listed with drums rolling and a loving community cheering all around us. $DFC started trading at $0.11, and our token price rapidly skyrocketed to $0.15 in no time.

After listing DeFi City $DFC tokens, investors could now buy the DeFi City Scroll and get their first DeFi City. Here is a quick guide for you on how to open a scroll. DeFi City also offered a fabulous opportunity on Genesis Pool as an early-bird offer where investors could stake up to 5,000 DFC tokens for an APY of 400%, where the funds will be locked for 90 days. The Genesis Pool had a cap of 1 Million $DFC tokens only. Our community did not miss this huge opportunity, and the Genesis pool was fully subscribed quickly. For more information on Staking & Rewards, read here.

And that’s not all! In less than 24 hours of the DeFi City $DFC token being listed at Pancakeswap, we recorded more than 1,000 scroll opens and 13,000+ token burns. That was something big to celebrate for our community and us. Until now, we have recorded over 4,000+ scrolls and 50,000+ token burns. These numbers only re-iterate the love of our community and their trust in DeFi City’s vision.

We, at DeFi City, wholeheartedly would like to thank each of our community members who participated and made our IDO a super-duper success!

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