DeFi City Tokenomics

3 min readApr 26, 2021


We are happy to announce our tokenomics and the incentives for the early stage investors. In this short description we will try to answer any questions you might have at this point regarding the tokenomics.

DeFi City is here, together we can grow.

Tokenomics Pie Chart

Tokenomics in detail

We have updated our tokenmoics and they are now finalized. As you can see we increased supply from 10m to 100m in order to get the maximum benefit for our users.

How many tokens will DeFi City have?

There will be a total supply of 100.000.000 DeFiCity tokens ($DFC)

How is your token deflationary?

We strived for a deflationary token in order to reward DeFi City owners by burning a part of the total supply. When purchasing scrolls to obtain city NFT’s, a part of the DFC will be burned thus deflating the supply. Another part will be sent to the fee wallet and a part will be used as staking rewards.

What is Marketing & Operations used for?*

The marketing and operations are mainly used for Staking rewards in DeFi City, however a small part of will be used for marketing and operational purposes.

What does Hodl incentive mean and how does this work?**

DeFi City wants to reward their early investors and supporters by giving exclusive hodl rewards in DFC.

This means a bonus reward for our true users who are holding their initial batches, they can get up to 24% bonus tokens over 1 year (sent out monthly)!

We will make a snapshot of all the holders every month to check if they are eligible for the airdrop.

For example: if an investor participated in the strategic round and purchased DFC for 10000$ that means he will be rewarded 166666,67 tokens in total.

On TGE you will receive 16666,67 tokens (10%).

If he is holding / staking his first batch he will be eligible for rewards.This means after one month he will receive an additional 3333 tokens airdroped. If he holds it for another month, he will receive the same amount every month for one year.

Please note: this is only for early investors. After selling your token batch you will not be eligible for the bonus rewards in the future.

How will the reserves be spend?

DeFi City aims to create a complete game for the DeFi users. This means that resources are needed for future development. The reserves will be used for future developments, improving the game mechanics, marketing and additional costs for hosting and providing the game.

What will be the private and public sale prices?

DeFi City will have multiple investment rounds, therefore prices may vary depending on the time of investment.

Strategic Round — 0.06$

Private Sale — 0.07$

Pre Sale — 0.08$

IDO — 0.09$


We heard that people are unhappy with the anonymity of the team. We are planning an AMA together with DuckDAO in zoom.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us on:








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