Here’s a Sneak Peek Into What’s Cooking Inside DeFi City

Sneak Peek and Development Update of DeFi City

A lot has happened at DeFi City since we last touched base with you on August 15 to introduce our NFT crafting mechanism. We have worked day-in and day-out with the best designers and developers to craft the most exciting, intuitive, and immersive cross-protocol DeFi asset management and yield farming service — because where’s the fun in the traditional platforms?

We worked under the hood for almost a month, so we had something substantial to present to you. And we are excited to say that we have it today, and we want to offer you a sneak peek into what’s currently cooking at DeFi City.

Before we go into the details of platform development and where we stand in terms of that, here are some visuals from the platform:

  1. The Cities
DeFi City NFTs

Once you own a city, you will be able to stake it to earn additional rewards. The rarer elements you have in your city, the higher your city's value and the APY it earns for you.

2. Building interaction

Owning a city means you can now add your DeFi assets to the city and stake your city. In this image, you can see a city and the various stats related to it. From here, you will also be able to track the growth of your assets and your city as a whole.

3. Farm Performance Chart

DeFi City Chart to track the performance of your Farm

The farm performance graph helps you analyze the growth of your assets and your overall farm.

4. City Filters

Filter Option in

We developed and added this feature to cater to those who own numerous cities. Using City Filters under “My Cities” section on DeFi City, you will be able to filter cities in four different ways:

  • Sort: You can sort your cities in ascending and descending orders of the features it has, which include townhouse, grid, resource, and environment.
  • Change columns per row: Depending on whether you’d want a compact or spacious overview of your cities, you can choose to display 3, 4, or 5 cities per row.
  • Group identical cities: Using this, you can group identical cities you own. This will help you identify which cities you can combine to craft a rarer city with the help of the NFT Crafting mechanism we recently launched.
  • Extensive filters: Filter out cities based on different features of your cities, such as Townhouse, Environment, Resources, Grid, 1st edition, and Minted.

Development Updates

A lot is going on at DeFi City in terms of setting up different mechanisms within the ecosystem. We have recently completed our infrastructure development for the whole platform and have integrated the authentication mechanism, enabling users to log into DeFi City and fetch balances.

The team also completed setting up dynamic asset streaming for assets, so our designers can easily import new farms without re-downloading the game, which takes a substantial amount of time. Furthermore, the admin backend to add, update, and delete in-game objects is also finalized alongside the card-driving mechanism.

A bunch of other features that have been successfully implemented to the DeFi City ecosystem include:

  1. Initializing the metaverse depending on the staked NFT
  2. Grid building mechanism to place, edit, delete buildings within your grid
  3. Ability to save building positions in the database
  4. Building or farm interactions
  5. Menu to navigate to settings, shop, and your farms

What’s Next?

The most exciting thing lined for the near future is our smart contract audit. We are currently working on the second version of the main contract alongside the staking contract of DeFi City. As soon as we complete developing the contract and have tested it for loopholes and risks, we will be getting both contracts audited to ensure efficiency and maximum security for DeFi City users.

A list of other important tasks on our to-do list are:

  1. Connecting other DeFi protocols in a standardized way
  2. Fetching data of DeFi protocols
  3. Developing a statistical dashboard
  4. Visualizing impermanent loss
  5. Showing good and bad performers
  6. Connecting other smart contracts to DeFi smart contracts

We are thrilled to have embarked on this journey, and it is only getting more exciting. We are eager to present the ready-to-launch version of DeFi City to you as soon as we possibly can. Until that time, stay tuned so that you can get all the updates on the progress of DeFi City.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Newsletter | Medium



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