Strategic partnership announcement with DuckDAO

2 min readApr 27, 2021


DeFi City is proud to announce its partnership with DuckDAO, the world’s first community-led, seed-to-launch crypto incubator you definitely should have heard of.

Who is DuckDAO

DuckDAO is a community-based digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Following a rigorous due diligence process conducted by both parties, DUCK DAO joins the team as an investor and strategic partner. The DuckDAO association features the strength and certainty put in DeFi city items and foundation. Together we will attempt to guarantee to make staking an improved and gamified experience.

DuckDAO has a perfect history, supporting and developing driving ventures in the blockchain and DeFi space. A portion of DuckDAO’s best brooded projects incorporate Paid Ignition Network, Poolz, Base Protocol to give some examples.

Other effective tasks in their portfolio incorporate RamiFi, Collateral, Unifarm and Beyond Finance. DuckDAO centers around fruitful long haul development, empowering maintainable associations and reliable enhancements.

The help offered by DuckDAO and their local area will empower DeFi City to fabricate and carry out its product and foundation all through the DeFi space, enabling a worldwide and decentralized economy.

Statement from a DUCK DAO’s Spokesperson:

“We are happy to announce our strategic partnership with DeFi city and offer full help with our Ducks and assist them to push through their vision.”

Statement from DeFi City:

“We are incredibly eager to be working with advertising heavyweights Duck DAO on bringing DeFi city into the spotlight. Our essential association will upgrade our marketing progress to bring our vision to the masses. We are happy building up the DeFi city together.”

What we want to offer

Farming in DeFi shouldn’t be agonizing. It should be fun. Like playing a game!

With DeFi City, there’s no more need to waste time managing many different farms across multiple platforms. Instead, login, buy a plot, build a beautiful, fully customizable NFT-based city, incorporate your farms, and farm away!

DeFi City is a browser-based virtual world that gamifies and simplifies DeFi yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize and manage their farms and track key performance yield farming indicators from a single, visually appealing in-game dashboard.


We heard that people are unhappy with the anonymity of the team. We are planning an AMA together with DuckDAO in zoom. Updates should come soon.

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