The DeFi City Game Utilities and more

Game utilities


  • Players can drive in a car around the city.
  • Players are allowed to build on a tile.
  • Players can switch or delete buildings from tiles.
  • Players can seamlessly interact with buildings.
  • The environment of DeFi city is based on the staked NFT
  • You can see your staking dashboard by clicking on the townhouse.

Farms (BSC only for now)

  • Players can easily swap tokens within DeFi City.
  • They can add liquidity to protocols within DeFi City.
  • There is an option to stake the liquidity and place a farm.


  • There will be a primary dashboard comprising of:
  • Total investment value.
  • Best performing farm (based on the current day).
  • Worst performing farm (based on the present day).
  • Get chart data of the tokens.


  • Players can transact tokens to not switch to another website.

Future game plan


  • We will add a marketplace for DeFi Cities, whose payments will be in $BUSD.


  • LP staking for BNB/DFC.


  • Introduction to cross-chain functionality.
  • Support for more farms.
  • Partner buildings.
  • The payment for Cosmetics in $DFC.



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