Understanding the NFTs in DeFi City

DeFi City is the city of dreams built on the foundation laid by blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a metaverse that sets you free from the shackles of prosaic complexities that today define the decentralized finance space. To surmount the undistinguished and insipid features of the existing DeFi space, DeFi City offers an ecosystem powered by NFTs that gamify and simplify your experience within the DeFi realm.

As a citizen of DeFi City, you will plunge into the compelling world of yield farming and other DeFi features through the most straightforward yet creative interface that fosters the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and treats NFTs as its primary element of change toward a more interactive DeFi ecosystem.

The Four Properties Within a City

Each NFT — or city — in DeFi City will have four different properties that will define the actual worth of your city. They will dictate the profits you ultimately reap off of DeFi City’s ecosystem.

  1. Townhouse
  2. Resources
  3. Environment


Every city in DeFi City comes with 256 tiles, each of which can be used to harvest a unique DeFi element. The differentiation between each of these tiles is marked using the first property of DeFi City NFTs, i.e., Grids. As the name suggests, Grids are lines that separate two different tiles.


The townhouse is the main building of your city, and it will be offered to you along with the NFT when you open the scroll. However, as with the Grid, there are also various tiers of Townhouse, ranging from a garage to a supertower. The townhouse you get within your city will decide the staking bonus percentage you get for your staked tokens. It will also signify the number of tiles you will start your city with.


Resources, as the name suggests, is the resource that will be available in your city. The richer and rarer the resource that your city has to offer, the higher will be your NFT and staking reward bonus. And the richer resources are rarer than the usual ones. So, depending on that, here’s the table that outlines the different resources you can find in your city and the bonus it will reap for you:


Lastly, you will have an environment in your city that will range from Earth to a Galaxy, where Earth is the most common with a chance of 34.95% and Galaxy is the rarest with a chance of just 0.05%. As with all other properties, the rarest properties will bring you the biggest bonuses. The below table explains the bonus distribution and rarity of the environment in detail:

The Start to Something Big

As DeFi City uses Chainlink VRF, one of the most reliable randomness generators for decentralized smart contracts, you can trust that whatever you get in your NFT is truly random. The four properties and their different subcategories can have a total of 648 combinations, and what you get will be pure luck. You can open multiple scrolls to test your luck and only hard-mint those NFTs on Binance Smart Chain that you find fit for your expectations.



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