We Expect slight Delay in Launch to Ensure a Considerable Upgrade for Community

Dear DeFi City community member,

Since the very first day we announced the development of DeFi City, every member of our team had dedicated their best skills and knowledge to make the platform stand out. We have been laser-focused on building a DeFi asset management platform that adheres to the community’s needs. Our dedication to our community is a significant reason why we love to keep you in the loop with every bit of progress we make or any frictions that we encounter.

In line with this, we have shared many exciting announcements over the past few months, ranging from sharing the project roadmap to offering sneak peeks into the DeFi City asset management platform and its NFTs. We were overwhelmed by the support and feedback we received. A feedback you people shared with us was to develop and integrate a crafting mechanism for the NFTs within DeFi City. And we listened.

We took the feedback seriously and went straight down into developer mode to figure out how we could do this — in time. We wanted to be fast and yet not miss the slightest of details to make sure that you — our community — have a smooth experience on the platform.

Despite all our efforts and despite the sleepless nights we spent developing the best crafting mechanism and appending that onto the existing platform, we are sad to say that we need more time. It pains us to say that although we promised to launch DeFi City by Q3 2021, we will not be able to deliver that in time.

Besides wrongly estimating the complexity of the crafting mechanism and the time we may need to develop it, we also encountered some problems with the smart contract that caused an avalanche. The front end is all up and ready, but there are also some challenges with the staking contract that we are taking extra care of and dedicating every second to precisely solve the issues.

We can assure you that all the extra time we need to put into the platform is solely focused on offering a better DeFi asset management platform to our community. We can confidently say that the time we put hereafter to develop the platform toward perfection and finalize the crafting mechanism will be worth it and will be easily felt by you when you use it. Even though we expect delays, we are as excited as we were in the start to add the crafting mechanism and allow every one of you to utilize your less rare NFT traits best.

Speaking of the delay, we expect that we will need anywhere between five to seven weeks to address the concerns, develop the platform and conduct the final tests before launch.

We are the last people who wanted to keep you waiting, and we regret that we are faced with this situation, but we also believe that it was necessary to ensure a better experience and impeccable security.

Right now, we are working on all fronts and perfecting version 2 of the staking contract, which are improved and more stable, to give full flexibility and sustainability to the platform. Our efforts are focused on doing the best to get out with the farming possibilities within DeFi City as soon as possible, and we have added our best resources on that end to ensure faster development.

What we are trying to achieve and offer to the community through DeFi City is new and has its whole set of never-seen-before challenges and situations. But we are strong and we are determined to make it all right and bring to you the best that we have in store. A major reason for this strength and determination is you… every single one of you who forms the DeFi City community and has shown their immense support for the project and the platform. Your support is the fuel to our determination, and we look forward to having it throughout this entire amazing journey that lies ahead of us.


The DeFi City team.



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